We are the new future.

It is indisputable that every human in the world has at least one profession and career that wants to be in the future, a job dream. Being at our parents it’s comfortable, but we should grown-up like real adults and accept that reality is more than our room and the things we see on the internet. Growing-up with the experiences we take from the day-a-day, meeting, and talking with people we never saw before it’s learning we never forget about.

Many people tell me that working from home it’s the new future and the majority of all the companies will be available having a home office, however, in the future, it’s not just computers, online communications, and technologies, we, humans, are the future too. Eye-to-eye is the new future too. Why? We aren’t looking in the eyes and feeling the people that circulate us, that’s the problem. Big problem turning up the presence and perception of the new future because this wasn’t like this before the computers. Being out home, talking, seeing, and feeling people can solve so many problems we have, like anxiety and depression.

Abandon your comfortable life, start doing new things.

Motion Designer