Every movie we watch has a standard color that says too much about what’s going on in each scene, in every different moment, in a view... Colors can transmit a sensation, a moment, weather and time, beyond it can influence the character’s humor, when it's sad, we can use a dark blue or a yellow for happiness, bringing life to the movie.

In movie production, the colors are selected and thought at the beginning because the director needs to live and feel scenes before editing to create a perfect narrative, sometimes the colors turn the trademark for some director movie…

Created by the International Telecommunication Union and International Electrotechnical Commission Picture Experts, H.264 is a compression technology, or codec, used to encode or decode a video file. This type of compression allows encoding a file with 3 bits lower than any other format in a high resolution, without losing many pixels at the image. Compacting an original media file favors at the store of the device that will receive the file, and the video’s performance gets better in its execution.
Inside of this type of compression has many formats that we can choose, from the higher resolution that it has high…

We are the new future.

It is indisputable that every human in the world has at least one profession and career that wants to be in the future, a job dream. Being at our parents it’s comfortable, but we should grown-up like real adults and accept that reality is more than our room and the things we see on the internet. Growing-up with the experiences we take from the day-a-day, meeting, and talking with people we never saw before it’s learning we never forget about.

Many people tell me that working from home it’s the new future and the majority…

There are many ways to render a video using an Adobe software and I’ve decided to make a tutorial teaching you, who started learning more about Adobe’s softwares.

First, I have to tell you that we have three softwares we can render, Adobe Media Encoder is a video rendering application that comes linked with After Effects in the Creative Cloud. Using the Encoder, we can edit a video while we render another one at the same time, that’s this softwares’s purpose.

“Okay, so how can I render in Adobe Media Encoder?”

In the program that you are using, select the…

O Aquecimento Global e o Efeito Estufa

Após muitos anos vivendo sob poluição, podendo ser ela hídrica, térmica, radioativa, entre outras, a contaminação que os gases que as tais produzem vão direto para a atmosfera, contaminando todo tipo de vida que há no planeta. Os gases mais frequentes têm grandes consequências sobre o ser humano, podendo causar grandes doenças, como vários tipos de câncer, deficiências imunológicas, má-formação de órgãos genitais, distúrbios hormonais, retardo mental etc.

Os problemas com a poluição só vêm aumentando com o passar dos anos, causando o famoso efeito estufa. Este efeito é um processo no qual…

Did you ever stop one moment in your and thought “Am I part of all of these things around me?”. I’m not talking about cars, buildings and these stuff that we, human, created, but, I’m talking about trees, leaves, sky, clouds, water, animals.. nature.

Our ancestors came from nature, they leanerd how to suvivor in florests planting, hunting or, fishing in lakes, oceans, etc. Thinking about this, we can afirmate that we’re a part of the Earth, because we are alive. …

Yasmin Lacerda

Motion Designer

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